The brief

Snapfile tasked us with creating a comprehensive document storage platform from scratch, encompassing brand development, platform creation, marketing channels, and robust sharing capabilities. Privacy and security were paramount, requiring a solution that offered complete peace of mind to users.

The outcome
  • Snapfile emerged as a cutting-edge, secure document storage platform tailored to meet diverse user needs.

  • It offers a range of highly customised services, including Snapfile Personal for sensitive documents, Snapfile Business for secure collaboration, Snapfile Compliance to ensure regulatory compliance, and Snapfile Letterbox for seamless attachment retrieval from emails.

  • Brand Design
  • Web & Mobile Apps

A connected brand

Feature showcase

Tailored Service Offerings

Snapfile caters to diverse user needs with four distinct service tiers. Snapfile Personal provides a free tier tailored for users with sensitive documents, while Snapfile Business facilitates secure document sharing among multiple users. Snapfile Compliance ensures that specific documents comply with relevant laws, while Snapfile Letterbox offers a convenient way to retrieve email attachments and integrate them into the Snapfile account.


Feature showcase

User-Friendly Interface

Snapfile prioritises simplicity in file management, ensuring that users find managing files to be a pleasure rather than a chore. The intuitive interface enhances user experience, making file organisation and access hassle-free.

Security is the priority

It trumps all else

Feature showcase

Cutting-Edge Technology

Built on a modern framework, Snapfile boasts a fast and secure frontend developed using Vue.js (JavaScript). The backend infrastructure is powered by a robust, PHP-based open-source content management system crafted by ID Digital. This custom backend solution, trusted by hundreds of clients, delivers unparalleled security while offering a wide range of modules to cater to diverse user needs.


The details

"At ID Digital, we're dedicated to crafting solutions like Snapfile that prioritise user security and convenience. Our goal is to ensure that managing files becomes a seamless experience, empowering users with top-notch privacy and control over their data." - Diego, Frontend Coder

Tailored Service Offerings:

One of the key aspects of our collaboration with Snapfile was the development of tailored service offerings to meet specific user needs. Snapfile Personal, the free tier, was designed for users with sensitive documents who required a secure backup solution. Snapfile Business catered to organizations, enabling secure document sharing among multiple users. Snapfile Compliance ensured that users could confidently store documents while adhering to relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, Snapfile Letterbox provided a seamless way to integrate email attachments into the Snapfile ecosystem.


User-Friendly Interface:

Simplicity was at the forefront of Snapfile's design philosophy. Our team prioritised user experience, ensuring that managing files within Snapfile was intuitive and effortless. The user-friendly interface allowed for easy navigation, file organisation, and access, enhancing overall user satisfaction and productivity.


Cutting-Edge Technology:

Snapfile's robust infrastructure was built on cutting-edge technology to ensure both speed and security. Leveraging Vue.js for the frontend and a PHP-based content management system for the backend, Snapfile offered a fast and secure platform for users to store and share documents. The custom backend solution provided by ID Digital ensured unparalleled security while offering flexibility and scalability to accommodate Snapfile's evolving needs.


Snapfile stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that prioritise user security and convenience. If you're seeking a secure document storage platform tailored to your unique requirements, we invite you to get in touch with us. Together, we can create a solution that exceeds your expectations and empowers your users with top-notch privacy and control over their data.