Euro Garages (EG)

The brief

EG (Euro Garages) Australia approached ID Digital Agency to assist with their ongoing growth marketing. The goal was to inform locals of new service station openings through enticing specials, discounts, and community initiatives.

The outcome
  • Since 2018, we have closely collaborated with EG's marketing and operations teams to produce videos, social ads, and posts.

  • We also worked with their signage teams to recommend layouts for their fast food chains renting space at various locations.

  • Our comprehensive strategy has effectively increased local engagement and awareness of EG’s offerings.

  • Content Creation
  • Brand Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Photos & Videos
  • Online Advertising
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
New service stations

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Feature showcase

Local video ads

Fresh and engaging videos blended with animations, narration, and music capture the interest of locals and educate them on EG’s offerings.


Feature showcase

Waze location-based awareness

Opening specials and location awareness were effectively communicated to thousands of Waze app users, guiding them to EG locations for free coffee, fuel discounts, and more.

Future website concepts

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Feature showcase

Offline ads

Through location-based ads, EG successfully educated locals on new and existing store specials, including free coffee for every fuel purchase.


The details

"By integrating cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, we've helped EG connect with local communities and drive traffic to their new service stations." - Emily, Marketing Manager

Collaboration with Marketing and Operations Teams

Since 2018, our partnership with EG has been built on a strong foundation of collaboration and innovation. By understanding their goals and challenges, we've been able to create and implement marketing strategies that resonate with their target audience.


Video Production and Social Media Campaigns

We produced a series of local video ads that combine engaging visuals, animations, and compelling narratives. These videos were designed to capture attention and educate viewers about EG's services, specials, and community initiatives. The use of local landmarks and relatable scenarios further enhanced their appeal.


Waze Integration for Location-Based Marketing

Utilizing the Waze app, we developed a location-based marketing campaign that highlighted EG's new service stations. Users were informed about opening specials and guided to EG locations for exclusive offers, such as free coffee and fuel discounts. This approach significantly increased local traffic and brand awareness.


Effective Use of Meta Ads

Leveraging the power of Instagram and Facebook, we created targeted location-based ads that promoted EG's store specials and community events. These ads were designed to engage local users and drive them to EG's service stations, enhancing both online and offline interactions.


Signage and In-Store Promotions

Our collaboration extended to working with EG’s signage teams to design effective in-store promotions. We recommended layouts and designs for fast food chains renting space at EG locations, ensuring a cohesive and attractive presentation that aligned with EG's brand.


Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

We continuously monitor and analyse the performance of our campaigns to ensure they meet EG's objectives. By staying agile and responsive to market changes, we can adjust our strategies to maximise effectiveness and ROI.


Community Engagement and Brand Loyalty

Through our marketing efforts, EG has been able to foster stronger connections with local communities. By promoting community initiatives and exclusive local offers, we've helped build a loyal customer base that values EG's presence in their neighbourhood.


Future Plans and Growth

Looking ahead, we plan to expand our efforts by exploring new digital marketing channels and innovative promotional tactics. Our goal is to keep EG at the forefront of the service station industry, driving continued growth and success.


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