City of Stonnington

The brief

Since 2017, our collaboration with the City of Stonnington has been marked by a series of successful digital initiatives aimed at enhancing community engagement and accessibility. From websites for Youth Services to the Roola Boola and Glow festivals, along with animated video content for bike track initiatives, our partnership has focused on delivering fresh, innovative solutions tailored to the council's diverse needs.

The outcome
  • Our strategic approach, combined with our team's expertise, has resulted in the creation of fresh and unique websites that resonate with the City of Stonnington's values and objectives.

  • Through familiar platforms like Wordpress and our proprietary DMS system, we've developed intuitive, visually appealing websites that provide valuable information and resources to residents and visitors alike.

  • Our ongoing commitment to excellence ensures that the City of Stonnington continues to entrust us with their digital initiatives.

  • Web UX & UI
  • Websites & Microsites
  • Hosting & Security
Roola Boola

Children's Art Festival Website

Feature showcase

Roola Boola Children's Art Festival

Designed on Wordpress, the Roola Boola website embodies the spirit of creativity and fun with playful SVG animations, intuitive program guides, and seamless booking systems. It's a vibrant online hub that captures the essence of the festival and enhances the overall experience for attendees.


Feature showcase

Glow Festival

For the Glow Festival, now in its 4th year, we've crafted a visually stunning website on Wordpress. Featuring full-screen design and mobile responsiveness, the website captivates visitors with its dynamic layout and regularly updated content, including artist details and event highlights.

City of Stonnington

Incredible community initiatives

Feature showcase

Stonnington Youth Services

Our open-source DMS platform powers the Stonnington Youth Services website, providing teens and parents with easy access to support options and community events. With engaging visuals and user-friendly navigation, the website serves as a valuable resource for the youth in the council area, reflecting our commitment to empowering communities through digital innovation.


The details

"Our partnership with the City of Stonnington exemplifies the transformative impact of digital solutions in enhancing community engagement and accessibility." - Jay, Strategy Director

Strategic Collaboration:

From the outset, our collaboration with the City of Stonnington has been guided by a strategic approach aimed at aligning digital initiatives with the council's broader objectives. Through collaborative workshops and ongoing communication, we've gained valuable insights into the community's needs and preferences, informing our digital strategy and execution.


Innovative Website Design:

Each website we've developed for the City of Stonnington reflects a commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Whether it's the playful animations of the Roola Boola website or the dynamic layout of the Glow Festival site, our goal has been to create immersive digital experiences that resonate with residents and visitors alike.


Empowering Communities:

At the heart of our partnership with the City of Stonnington is a shared commitment to empowering communities through digital innovation. By leveraging familiar platforms like Wordpress and our proprietary DMS system, we've created accessible, user-friendly websites that provide valuable resources and support to residents across the council area.


As we continue to evolve and expand our digital offerings, we look forward to further enhancing the City of Stonnington's digital presence and strengthening our partnership for years to come. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your digital initiatives and drive meaningful impact in your community.