Summerland Bank

The brief

Summerland Bank sought to revolutionise its online presence with a bespoke website that embodies its commitment to sustainability, local service, and environmental stewardship. The website needed to resonate with locals while enticing visitors with an attractive product offering and seamlessly converting them to digital accounts or in-branch home loan support. Key objectives included stringent security measures, a fresh brand integration, and ongoing digital marketing strategies.

The outcome
  • We delivered a highly secure WordPress website tailored to Summerland Bank's unique values and audience preferences.
  • The site features a fresh brand identity that resonates with locals and sustainability enthusiasts, supported by a smooth and intuitive navigation structure. Through comprehensive training, the Summerland Bank team gained expertise in security, content management, SEO, and product display, ensuring seamless website management and optimisation.
  • Our ongoing digital marketing efforts, including social media, search, and local marketing techniques, enhance brand visibility and customer engagement, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Digital Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Websites & Microsites
  • Hosting & Security
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation
Digital Ecosystems
  • Digital Ecosystems
Summerland Bank

Desktop & mobile experiences

Feature showcase

"We'll Call You Back" Feature

Our "We'll Call You Back" feature simplifies customer assistance by allowing visitors to submit queries and requests at their convenience. These submissions are directed to the appropriate branch or head office for follow-up, ensuring prompt and personalised customer service.


Feature showcase

Highly Scalable Modular Layouts

We designed and coded 17 modular layout options for Summerland Bank, empowering their team to effortlessly create, customise, and publish engaging web pages. These layouts are tailored to align with the bank's brand guidelines and messaging, facilitating efficient content management across product, company, and blog sections.

The Summerland Brand

Bright, local, passionate

Feature showcase

Incredible Marketing on Social Media

Our team is committed to producing compelling brand-focused content for Summerland Bank's social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. By adhering to specific strategy KPIs and audience targeting, we ensure that Summerland Bank maintains a consistent brand voice and message across all platforms.


The details

"Our collaboration with Summerland Bank has been truly transformative. By combining innovative web design, stringent security measures, and strategic digital marketing, we've created a dynamic online presence that resonates with customers and strengthens the bank's brand identity." - Jay, Strategy Director at ID Digital Agency

Highly Secure WordPress Website:

We developed a highly secure WordPress website that meets the highest standards of security across all levels, including local, server, and client-side environments. Rigorous security measures ensure that customer data remains protected at all times, enhancing trust and confidence in Summerland Bank's online services.


Fresh Brand Integration:

Our design team crafted a fresh brand identity for Summerland Bank that reflects its core values of sustainability, local service, and environmental stewardship. The website's design elements, colour schemes, and imagery resonate with the bank's target audience, creating a memorable and engaging user experience.


Smooth and Simple Navigation Structure:

With a smooth and intuitive navigation structure, the Summerland Bank website enables visitors to easily find the information they need and seamlessly navigate between pages. Simple site management tools empower the bank's team to update content, add new products, and optimise SEO elements with ease.


Comprehensive Training:

We provided comprehensive training for the Summerland Bank team, covering various aspects of website management, security protocols, content optimisation, and SEO best practices. This hands-on training ensures that the bank's staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and enhance the website's performance.


Ongoing Digital Marketing Strategies:

Our ongoing digital marketing efforts, including social media campaigns, search engine optimisation, and local marketing techniques, drive brand visibility and customer engagement. By continuously refining our strategies and aligning them with the bank's business goals, we maximise the impact of Summerland Bank's online presence and ensure a consistent message across all channels.


Strategic Alignment:

We work closely with Summerland Bank to align its business, digital, content, product, and brand strategies, ensuring a cohesive and clear message to its target audience. By maintaining strategic alignment, we help the bank achieve its objectives and drive sustainable growth in the competitive banking industry.