Peninsula Hot Springs

The brief

Peninsula Hot Springs sought a robust digital strategy to support their expansion plans and ensure seamless customer access to their offerings across multiple locations. They needed swift responses and efficient delivery of digital products for customer convenience.

The outcome
  • After extensive market research and collaborative workshops with stakeholders, we crafted a comprehensive martech strategy to guide Peninsula Hot Springs' growth trajectory.

  • This strategy, rooted in insights and stakeholder input, has been instrumental in their expansion efforts, including the launch of their Cunnamulla location and a new digital compendium for glamping.

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Digital Ecosystems
  • Digital Ecosystems
Peninsula Hot Springs

A relaxing digital experience

Feature showcase

PHS Group Martech Strategy

Through rigorous research and collaborative workshops, we developed a strategic roadmap to facilitate Peninsula Hot Springs' expansion into regional and metropolitan areas, ensuring alignment with their growth objectives.


Feature showcase

Cunnamulla Hot Springs Website

Designed and launched on SquareSpace within three weeks, the Cunnamulla Hot Springs website offers immersive video content, user-friendly maps, unique experiences, and accommodation options. Our ongoing collaboration involves developing a full-fledged website to further enhance their online presence.

Stay and unwind

Now thats glamping!

Feature showcase

Digital Compendium

In progress, our collaboration with Peninsula Hot Springs involves creating a digital compendium tailored for glampers. This comprehensive resource will provide guests with easy access to information on services, experiences, bookings, and tips for maximising their overnight stay.


The details

"Our partnership with Peninsula Hot Springs exemplifies the power of collaborative strategy and agile execution in achieving digital success." - Jay, Strategy Director

Research and Strategy Development:

We began by immersing ourselves in Peninsula Hot Springs' market landscape, analysing their history, and identifying growth opportunities. This initial phase informed our approach as we conducted a full-day on-site workshop with stakeholders from various departments. Through dynamic discussions and collaborative ideation, we synthesized valuable insights to shape the martech strategy. The resulting strategy report serves as a guiding framework for Peninsula Hot Springs' digital expansion initiatives, ensuring alignment with their business objectives.


Website Development for Cunnamulla Hot Springs:

With a tight deadline of three weeks, we swiftly designed, coded, and launched the Cunnamulla Hot Springs website on the SquareSpace platform. The site features captivating video content showcasing the region and its offerings, intuitive navigation with maps and guides, and tailored experiences for visitors. As part of our ongoing partnership, we're currently enhancing the website to provide a richer online experience for potential guests.

Digital Compendium for Glamping:

Our collaboration with Peninsula Hot Springs extends to the development of a digital compendium catering to glampers. This resource will serve as a comprehensive guide for guests, offering seamless access to information on available services, booking options, and tips for optimizing their stay. By leveraging digital tools, we aim to enhance the overall guest experience and drive engagement across Peninsula Hot Springs' diverse offerings.

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